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    Friday night I celebrated the 5 year anniversary of Lacey Lee FItness. I felt it was important to dedicate this blog to YOU. With each and every one of you, there would be no Lacey Lee Fitness. As most of you know, earlier this year I learned I had Lyme Disease. Before that, I had been dealing with two herniated discs that just would not heal...which lead to the diagnosis of Lyme. One of the hardest changes I had to make was not doing everything for my clients and for those in my classes. I had to adjust how I taught class, demonstrated exercises, etc. Without hesitation you started getting your own weights, moving Bosu’s, kettlebells, mats, volunteered to help demonstrate, etc. For me to not go above and beyond for my clients was not easy for me to do. Still isn’t. I’m still a bit hard-headed when it comes to this but I can always count on a reality check from someone to “yell” at me when I do attempt to pick up weights, move something, etc. Although I already knew I had an amazing group of people at Lacey Lee Fitness, after my health forced me to make changes, I was was quickly reminded how incredibly amazing and special they really are. Just another reason why I refer to everyone as a friend instead of a “client” or “member.”

    I have always been an open book about my life and my life’s experiences. Having Lyme Disease has been no different. To say this past year has been a challenge would be an understatement. As an athlete you learn very quickly to push through pain, injuries, etc., which I became an expert in doing. When I learned I had Lyme Disease, I assumed I would be able to do the same thing -- push through whatever this disease meant. The first thing the doctor who broke the news to me said was “You need to become an expert in this disease.” I did not know why she said this until I started to learn about Lyme. Not only did I have Lyme, but I had Chronic Lyme. This means I have had it for a VERY long time and it was going to be a very long and bumpy road to recovery. I was told on a Friday and that whole weekend, I did nothing but learn about Lyme Disease. I just assume when you develop a disease, just like any other ailment, you take medicine or do a treatment and you become better. I had NO idea the depth, craziness nor the controversy around Lyme Disease. As I learned more and more about Lyme, my jaw dropped closer and closer to the ground. I am not even sure if my jaw has left the ground.

    I’m telling you all about this because it’s YOU and your part at Lacey Lee Fitness, that has helped keep that smile on my face and my positive attitude. When I walk into my studio, you see the best of me. Well...the best of what I currently can be at this time in my life. If it wasn’t for the love of my job and for each of you - dealing with disease would be much harder than it is. I know I help people everyday in achieving their personal fitness/health goals, create a healthy lifestyle, etc. but what you may not know is YOU help me more than you realize. Knowing I have such wonderful people to see each and everyday keeps me pushing through this crazy and so very unpredictable disease. I thank YOU for helping create such a warm, inviting and fun environment at Lacey Lee Fitness over the past 5 years. Like I said before, it’s YOU that has made Lacey Lee Fitness what it is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


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