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  • Adapting A Healthy Lifestyle

    Everyone I have worked with that has succeeded (and continues to succeed) in achieving their personal fitness/health goals all have one thing in common, they changed their lifestyle. They looked at the big picture (meaning living in a way that can last a lifetime) when it came to how they ate, exercised and lived their lives. They started slow, made small changes (sometimes one at a time) and committed to it. This doesn’t mean they did everything perfectly but when a "slip up" happened they got right back on track. I won't sugar coat it, it’s not easy BUT I can confidently say IT IS POSSIBLE.

    All great and long lasting things start with a good foundation. This is no different than you adapting a healthy lifestyle for yourself. No matter where you are a healthy lifestyle is around you, I Promise. You just have to want to live a it and more importantly know how and where to find it and what to do once you’re there.

    Too many people want instant change. They want big results quickly and with little effort. That's not realistic and I promise that if this is how you are thinking you WILL become frustrated and discouraged by your efforts. Sure you can drop a lot of weight quickly but I guarantee you will put that weight back on and possibly even more. Why? Because whatever you did to drop weight so quickly was most likely done in a way that you cannot sustain. We all know the challenge in losing weight but the true challenge is keeping that weight off. You CAN achieve your goals, you CAN stop the yo-yo dieting and you CAN live the life you truly deserve but first you have to have a chat with yourself.

    This "chat" is simply one question. You need to ask yourself - "I want to [insert goal(s)] but am I willing to do what it takes to achieve it? The answer must be "yes" in order to begin. I am not talking about changing everything right now. You just have to be ready to make ONE change to your life. Achieving your goals all starts with YOU. It doesn't matter what anyone else says. It does not matter what you read. YOU have to be ready. You may be thinking "I will never eat [insert your favorite food] again", I have such a long way to go to get to my goals, etc. Stay calm. This is where the "big picture" thinking comes in. Again you have to get your mind right in order to succeed. You have to realize that you WILL NOT achieve your goals overnight. You WILL have a bad day. You willpower WILL be tested. But not to worry, I am going to break it down so your journey will be as painless as possible. Think about everything else you do in life, the more you do "it,” the better you become. It is worth every effort you put into this because you WILL feel better than ever and when we feel our best all other things in life become better. Work, relationships, self confidence, etc.

    We all should know by now that knowledge is power. I encourage you all to still read as much as you can about living a healthy lifestyle. There is just as much quality and correct information as there is incorrect information out there in the wonderful world of the internet. The more educated you become the less you will be overwhelmed and the quicker you will be able to know what quality information is when you see it.



    You cannot expect change if change does not occur. You must be willing to make an effort. If you want to lose weight, gain muscle or just eat healthier. Remember that chat you had with yourself. “Am I willing to do what it takes to make it happen?” Your thoughts must turn into actions. One action at a time. One change at a time.


    Adapting a healthier lifestyle is all about changing habits. If you want to become more active AND eat healthier…pick one to start. Changing your lifestyle all at once is a recipe for disaster. Set realistic and attainable short-term goals. If you continue to set the same goal over and over again without success, set a different goal. I always encourage people to start moving first. Exercising will give you more energy, sleep better, think clearer......therefore you may already start making healthier food decisions. Once you have the exercise habit down....then move into adjusting your eating habits.


    You cannot turn on the TV, go to social media or look through a magazine without hearing about dieting, the latest fitness craze, etc. Although it is great so much focus is being put on our health - the media has saturated our minds. It is not only overwhelming but can be very confusing especially when "sources" contradict each other and/or repeat the same "title" with different information. A couple that I see all the time is "Do This To Drop 5 Pounds", "One Thing You Should Never Eat", "How To Burn 1000 calories"....the list goes on. I will elaborate more on this topic in a future blog.


    This is a key part to sticking with your healthy lifestyle. Your support can come from work, home and/or at a fitness club. Without the proper support, these changes will become more challenging as time goes on. Make it known to those you live/work with and those you are around the most that you are working on yourself. That you would like their support. However you want to say it to them - it is important they know you are trying to achieve certain goals and you need their support. Maybe you have a friend/family member that always brings you "treats." Letting them know that you appreciate them and their kind ways but you need them to support you in your quest to eating healthier.


    It's important that you know you cannot eat perfectly all the time. Nor should you strive for that. It is not only very hard to do but it's important that you "live" a little. With that said - you WILL fall off the "healthy" wagon at some point. It's okay, you are human. Make sure you remind yourself of that. You WILL eat something that is high fat/calories and/or eat more you intend. The key is to get back on track as soon as possible. Just because you went off track for lunch doesn't mean you have to continue off track for dinner. The same goes for workout regimens. You will miss a day. Just get back on track sooner rather than later. The longer you go without getting back on track the harder it will be. Focus on each day as it comes without dwelling on the past.

    You can't change yesterday but you can change today.


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