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    Meet Jean:

    Since her thirties, she routinely exercised at a gym. Hiking and biking were her hobbies, and her goals at a younger age were simply to stay fit and strong enough to do the activities she enjoyed. Now, at 72, she wants to gain strength, especially core strength, so she can improve her balance, keep a strong back, and continue to be active -- and easily put her luggage in the overhead bin when traveling!

    * What made you start training with Lacey? Why did you think personal training was something you needed to start doing?

    A couple of years ago, my physical therapist was treating me for chronic back issues and told me to find a professional trainer to help me strengthen my core muscles even more to avoid further back injury -- I had routinely pulled muscles doing my own workouts and in gym classes. By that time, I had lost interest in my gym and despite walking a few miles a couple of days a week, I was not happy about this more sedentary lifestyle. Lacey is my neighbor, and I knew she had her own fitness business. I reviewed her website, liked very much what I saw about her own personal experience with back problems (I figured she’d understand), and decided to give personal training with her a try. I assumed I’d learn a few exercises that would help me, and then I planned to return to my gym to exercise on my own. But now, two-and-a-half years later, I’m still happily working out with Lacey twice a week and feel so much better and newly energized.

    * What have you gained from working with Lacey? What benefits in your day to day life have you noticed? What can you do now that you were not able to do prior to training?

    Because of Lacey’s expertise, I have a new commitment to strength training and a healthier lifestyle, plus much stronger abs and back muscles. I have gained more strength than I ever would have on my own because Lacey pushes me harder than I would’ve pushed myself. In my everyday life, I’ve noticed that I can haul a heavy load of groceries up the stairs to our third floor condo – we have no elevator -- and am still breathing normally (sort of) when I get there! Plus my part-time job requires long hours of sitting at a desk, but now I have much better posture and less back discomfort. Hiking and walking are still my favorite outdoor exercises and both are much more fun and doable with my increased strength and endurance. Everything I could do prior to training with Lacey I can do so much better now – I can even help you put your luggage in the overhead bin as well! Based on my experience with Lacey, who tailors her training to your level of fitness, other people in my age group – and older – should have no hesitation about starting a personal training program – it has made a huge difference in my daily life. Plus, I look forward to going to Lacey Lee Fitness and working out with “The Expert”!


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