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    It has truly been an honor having Lynn apart of the Lacey Lee Fitness family! She not only brings an amazing energy to the studio but she is constantly trying to improve/challenge herself in one crazy way or another. We love nothing more than to hear someone’s goal (even the crazy ones) and help them achieve it! I always encourage people to set short term personal goals to keep you motivated. I love hearing what new goal(s) Lynn has because both Nick and I know she is going to show that goal who is boss!! I personally love when runners come in to train because I know the training we provide will only improve their running. And if you are a runner - you know the best feeling in the world is to set new times, feel better during/after your runs, etc. The training we gear towards runners will strengthen your stabilizing muscles (which are the muscles that support our major muscles) and strengthen your core (which is responsible for every motion we make), improve your overall cardio endurance and prevent injury. All of these condition your body to perform better when running (and in any other sport) and in your day to day life. It’s a win-win situation for anyone wanting to just live your life with more efficiency and ease.


    What made you contact Lacey Lee Fitness and start training?

    I knew strength training was important both from my past and from reading, but I had not done it in years. I made time for my workout of choice which was (and still is) running, but would just half-heartedly try a few weight machines at the gym after a run, then go home. I needed a push. I'll be honest. I have always enjoyed exercise, generally speaking, and used to wonder what kind of person couldn't get moving on their own, but instead needed to pay a trainer to get them exercising. Well, ends up, at least with strength training, I was that kind of person! I just wasn't making it happen.

    What were your goals going in?

    To be able to open the door to Luna Maya effortlessly. Luna, why so heavy??? Seriously though, my goal was to consistently place strength training into my workout schedule because I knew it was good for for me. I also hoped it would help me be a better runner. I had run a half-marathon just before coming into Lacey Lee but still felt just so-so fitness wise. Because the class offerings didn't mesh with my schedule then, I went straight for personal training. Lacey's schedule was full so she placed me with one of her trainers, Nick. My plan was to just do personal training for a few months as a jump start then transition out and do things either on my own or in class. But I liked it so much I didn't give it up.

    Was there any improvement from working with a personal trainer?

    For sure. I'm overall much fitter and healthier. Everything from carrying the groceries to turning the steering wheel feels better, although I still wish someone else would carry those groceries in for me. Since running is still my first love, I was and still am pleased to notice that my workouts at Lacey’s has definitely improved my running. My running times definitely got faster and I noticed that intervals and tempo runs felt better (meaning didn't make me feel quite as miserable). I usually do those by perceived effort, but decided to time myself on mile repeats as a marker. Those got faster every month! Also, my times in all the distances I had run previously improved (5k, 10k and 1/2 marathon).

    Last but not least, I think that my strength days are a much needed rest (both physically and mentally) from running. Running is the easiest exercise to fit in, and as a result, most runners do it too much. On the days I train with Nick, I don't run. Nick's work outs are very hard but in a different way than running, which I think must be good for me. Also it's just so nice to have someone tell you what to do for your work out instead of figuring it out yourself. What a luxury!

    Have your goals changed at all?

    Yes they have. I successfully train regularly now with Nick. Sometimes I throw in a class as well, so initial goal obtained. I don't care about how much I lift or how many reps I can do, so those aren't goals I work toward. I don't even pay attention to what "number" is on the weight I'm lifting. But I do like setting different kinds of new goals and working on them. Like one day I looked at the pull-up bar and decided I wanted to be able to do those. Now I can. Somehow I ended up watching Drew Brees on YouTube in the TRX and got Nick to have me try the mom versions of the exercises. That's has to be good entertainment for others at the gym! I also had him train me up for a Tough Mudder and Spartan race. Those take a bit of upper body strength to do. Nick is a great trainer because he pushes me pretty hard, harder than I would ever do on my own, and works with my weird goals. I still struggle with the door at Luna Maya though so I can't quit yet!


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