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    To ensure you stay active throughout the holiday chaos - I have provided at home/outside/in your hotel room workouts that require ZERO equipment. The key in staying active throughout the holidays is to keep the habit of doing “something” going. As I have mentioned before - the longer you go without working out - the harder it is to get back into the swing of things. These workouts “may” not be the same as a workout you would get in a boot camp class, with your personal trainer or whatever workout you do regularly BUT it keeps the habit of you working out. Remember that is the KEY mindset. Not only will you be happy you did “something”, eleviate some holiday stresses, keep you on track with your goals but more importantly it will prevent your workouts from stopping all together!!

    I have provided these workouts in as much detail as I can so you know exactly how to perform each exercise with proper form. You will notice modifications to make an exercise easier or harder. To make the workout longer - simply do a 3rd or 4th round of each group. If you want to change up the workout - you can group any 2 or more exercises together. If these exercises are new to you - do what you can and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!! When in doubt of form and/or exercise, don’t do it. It’s not worth hurting yourself just do get an exercise and even the last repetition in. FORM IS EVERYTHING!


    It is absolutely critical to warm your body before getting into your workout. Take a few minutes to move your body to ensure you do not injury yourself.

    A couple important form “pointer outers” when it comes to form:

    SQUATS - ever notice how a baby squats down? This is the perfect squat. Your butt is low, knees do NOT go over your feet/toes and chest is out.

    LUNGES - Whether you are doing a forward or backward lunge, keep your shoulders over your hips/chest up. When lowering yourself into the lung position, go as low as your body will take you withOUT letting the back knee touch the ground.

    HAND PLANKS & HILL CLIMBERS - arms are straight as you keep your shoulders over your wrist the whole time. Do NOT let your butt dip below your shoulders - meaning - keep your back straight. The higher your butt is in the air - the easier it will be to hold the plank. As your core gets stronger, you will be able to lower your bum.

    ELBOW PLANKS - When propping yourself up on your elbows and toes - make sure your shoulders stay over your elbows. Just like hand planks/hill climbers - the higher your bum is in the air - the easier it will be.


    PERFORM THE BELOW 4 EXERCISES FOR 30 SECONDS - 1 MINUTE EACH (you will do a 2nd round later in the workout)

    #1. HIGH KNEES - Bring your knees up and high and as fast as you can



    #4. PLANK JACKS - Staying in a plank position (on hands and toes) jump your feet in and out as quickly as you can (kinda like jumping jacks).


    ----> PERFORM THE BELOW EXERCISES -- 15-20 repetitions each or 30 seconds - 1 minute <-------

    Do #5 then #6 and Repeat

    #5. BACK LUNGE w/ A TWIST.

    Standing shoulder width, take one leg back into a lunge and take both hands OVER the leg that is in the front to that hip...creating a twist. Alternate legs and continue twisting your arms over whichever leg remains in front.

    #6. ONE LEG PUSH

    Lay on the ground – keep one leg bent w/ your foot flat on the ground – your other leg is up in the air. With the leg that is on the ground push with your flat foot bringing your bum up as high as you can. Lower your bum but don’t let it rest on the ground. Do one leg 15-20 times then switch legs.


    Do #7 then #8 and repeat

    #7. DIPS

    Find a secure chair, bench, etc. As you sit on the chair/bench, place your hands on either side of your hips. Scoot just off the chair/bench with your legs out in front of you. **The straighter your legs are - the harder it will be. So start with your legs in a 90 degree angle and then adjust your legs out to keep yourself challenged. As you lower your body down to the ground, bending at your elbows - it is VERY important that your keep your elbows back. Do NOT let your elbows bow out to the left and right or go down past a 90 degree angle. Keep your chest up/forward. If you don’t have a chair/bench/etc. you can use the floor- you just won’t be able to lower yourself as low.


    With your legs shoulder width apart squat down and as you stand up lift one leg out laterally (keep your leg straight). Squat in between alternating legs.


    CORE -Do #1, #2, #3 and #4 and repeat

    #1. WINDSHIELD WIPERS. Laying on your back, straighten both arms out to your left and right. Bring your feet off the group and bend your legs in a 90 degree angle. Keeping your legs in a 90 degree angle, lower them to the left without them touching the ground or letting your shoulder come up off the ground. Continuing lowering your legs left to right. The straighter your legs are when you lower them, the harder it will be.


    Laying on your back, keep your legs straight and lower your legs as low to the ground as you can (the lower you take them, the harder it will be). As you pull your legs back up to the ceiling, roll your hips up all while keeping your head down. Your arm placement also makes makes the exercise easier or harder. Placing your arms alongside your body will make it easier. Bringing your arms behind your head makes it harder. Arms over your chest will be the hardest.

    #3. SIDE PLANK TWIST. Lay on your side. Prop yourself up on your bottom elbow and the side of the bottom of your feet. *Easier position: prop yourself on your bottom knee and elbow* Keeping your hips up the whole time, place the hand that is facing the ceiling on your ear. Twist towards the floor by taking that elbow towards the hand on the floor.

    #4. BICYCLES. On your back, place hands behind your head. Staying in a crunch position, keep one leg bent as the other leg extends out in front of you. Cross the opposite elbow towards the bent knee while the other elbow stays open. Continue to bring one knee in at a time in a slow, controlled manner as you continue to cross your elbow to the bent knee.


    ---> PERFORM THE BELOW EXERCISES 15-20 repetitions or 30 seconds - 1 minute <---

    DO #1 then #2 and Repeat


    5-10 steps in each direction or whatever space you have to work with. Facing one direction - move laterally keeping your toes facing the same direction and at the end of 10 steps – squat down and touch the ground.


    While on your elbows and toes in a plank – extend one arm out in front of you (keeping in a plank) and repeat arms


    DO #3 then #4 and Repeat


    Starting shoulder width apart, jump out wide into a squat then jump back into the shoulder width...landing in a squat. Go as quickly as you can moving into each squat position BUT making sure your form is on point!!


    Lay on your back with legs up and roll your hips all while keeping your head down


    DO #5 then #6 and repeat


    Instead of just taking a step back to alternate your back lunges, you simply jump to alternate

    #6. Plank with STRAIGHT LEG RAISE

    Holding a plank on your elbows and toes, keep your leg straight (don’t bend your knee), bring it up off the ground towards the ceiling. Continue same form with your other leg and alternating



    DO #7 then #8 and repeat

    #7. BURPEES

    Yes, with push-up. Remember to keep your bum down when you jump in from plank position so your chest opens up before you jump up/stand up. DON’T let your chest face down as you stand up! Your back will thank you for not doing that!


    Sitting on the floor, balance on your bum with your feet off the ground. *Keep one foot down and the other up if you can’t keep them both up, then work towards keeping both up* As you are balancing, take your hands from hip to hip creating a twist in your core. To make this more challenging, put your hands behind your head and twist your torso withOUT pulling on your neck.


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